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Fabulous Ken Spencer Figure



 Dan Willinger

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This is an awesome all original Ken Spencer Figure which is dressed as a girl. It can be a boy with little effort. The wig, which is not attached can be changed and change the cloths and she becomes a he.

This figure stands 40 inches tall, has moving mouth, side to side self centering eyes, one eye is a rolling winkers and it also has hand shaker. The control post retains Spencer's locking system on the bottom of the yardstick to the body and the metal bracket that rests on your fingers to take the weight away. The wood body is original as are the arms and legs. The paint on the face is all original too. I pictured the head without a wig too. A great vintage figure that you can use right out of the box yet is a definite collectable.

Don't let it get away. Shipping in Us is $85.00. Overseas contact me.













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