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Wanted Frank Marshall Ventriloquist Dummies

Please contact me if you have any Frank Marshall ventriloquist figures that you may be interested in parting with so that I can add to the growing Marshall ventriloquist dummy collection. I am interested in any figure, or parts. Let me know what you may have. Thanks Dan Willinger


I Want Your Ventriloquist Figures

Everyone knows I want Frank Marshall figures but I also will purchase any wood carved ventriloquist figure by any maker new or old. The Ventriloquist Central Collection has examples of most makers but we need more. Wanted are figures made by Brant Gilmer, Conrad Hartz, Theodore Mack, Revello Petee, Ken Spencer, Louis Grannat and Pinxy to name a few. All figures and parts are wanted. If you are not using them or if they are in need of repair contact me immediately. Highest prices paid for these ventriloquist figures.  Thanks Dan Willinger


Wanted:  Pocket Figure

Interested in purchasing a Chance Wolf "Pocket Figure" featured at Vent Convention. Please send price/info to . Thanks!


Wanted:  Vent Figure

My name is Christopher Robert Mohr Senior. I am 89 years old and a "budding" ventriloquist. I am in the market for a figure who will become my lifeshort partner and friend. My mechanical requirements are side to side eye movement, blinkers, upper lip movement. I prefer a male figure, but will consider a female figure. I receive $600.00 a month from Social Security which I can use every month to purchase my figure. A used figure in perfect condition is acceptable. I am also in the market for a professional replica of Charlie McCarthy. Please point me in the right direction. AdVENTurously yours, 


Wanted: INSULL Figures

Looking for non-restored insull figures or heads in any condition. Just need a pic and price. Also and with documented history Tonya Traylor


Wanted:  Seeking to purchase a Walk around stand for a ventriloquist dummy

Im seeking a walk around stand, and I ran across your ad. Is it a stand to rest a vent dummy on it, with 01 hand, etc.??? Please contact me back, via phone, to discus it in more detail... DAVID R.DEBURRO   9787642739


Wanted:  Conti Monkey Clone

Want a monkey identical to the Conti monk. Not close but *identical." (I found one similar but it's not the same.) Thank you all. Billy Brandon


Wanted:  Geraldine ventriloquist doll sister to Gerry gee or both gerry and geraldine

Geraldine ventriloquist doll sister to gerry gee ande or gerry gee. Tartan skirt, blonde plaits and aqua blue top (Geraldine) The gerry on the website image is fine. or a more casual outfit to match Geraldine. Fine condition. Jenny Cook


Wanted:  Want to purchase Groucho Marx Dummy

I'd like to purchase a Groucho Marx doll, similar to the standard upgrade doll at for my son. Here is a link  I don't know if throwthinfs is still in business, they never return my calls so I don't feel comfortable ordering from them. That's why I am trying this route. Hope to hear from you soon. Scott Goldsmith


Wanted:  Lamb or Sheep Vent Figure

I need a LARGE lamb or sheep vent figure no later very quickly - not a toy or very small figure - Axtell or other professionally made figure. Please email price and pictures and how to contact owner. Joanna Daniel


Wanted:  Traditional dummy

I work at a specialist 6th form Performing Arts college in Somerset UK and need a traditional looking ventriloquist dummy for our next production. Max 100 or a loan of one would be great. Production is early Jan 2017 so sooner the student can practice with one the better. I can make replacement clothes etc if needed but needed to be mechanically sound. Thanks Michelle Ponte


Wanted:  Bob from Soap

want to buy a dummy that looks like bob from soap,good condition,full sized, please under $800. Jean Smoak


Wanted:  Femal Ventriloquist Puppet

Looking for a female good looking ventriloquist puppet, for a begginer. Dan Sivan 


Wanted: Selberg Figure

Looking for a Selberg figure with Gen1 Trigger controls...preference to a Loaded "Max" figure. Give me a shout...let me know what you got! Phil McConkey


Wanted:  Insull dummy or just head required

Hi, I am looking to repatriate an Insull dummy or just the head to here in UK just 10 miles from where he was created. I know I am flying a bit high here but if you can send me pictures, details and your price I will consider most things. Cash waiting.
Thanks for reading, Hazel Brooks


Wanted:  Need A Hand!

A left one to be exact. I'm restoring a Juro basic Danny O'Day for a friend. He is missing his left hand, Danny that is, not my friend. Anyway, if someone has a left hand laying around somewhere, I would be glad to purchase it so I can get Danny fixed up and reunited with his owner. Jack Edwards


Wanted:  Remote Control Ventriloquist Figure



Wanted:  Danny o day

Desperately seeking one for. A 7 year old with special needs please help Kim Mills


Wanted:  Make a 9 year old buys dream come true!

Hi there, my son is 9 and he really wants a ventriloquist dummy for Christmas. We are very low income and cannot afford one. He wants one with a moving mouth, eyes and eyebrows. We have no money to buy one, however I am a talented artist and decently mechanically skilled. So we are looking for someone to donate us a project dummy. Something he can learn everything about these dummies on. I can sew, paint and fix a car or other machines and this would be a great way to teach my son some new skills. This would also be a great way for him to get into ventriloquism. Can Someone please donate us a dummy project? He asked for two things for christmas, a typewriter so he can write a book and a ventriloquist dummy. The typewriter was donated and I'm hoping that someone will donate a dummy! Thanks, Merry Christmas! Angela Kephart


Wanted:  Looking to buy a Slappy ventriloquist doll

Hi , I'm looking to find Slappy the doll for my daughter please contact me if you have one or make one at a reasonable price thanks William Visnosky 201-241-7878


Wanted:  Ventriloquist Puppet wanted for UK TV show

We are looking for a Ventriloquist Puppet(s) to be used as DRESSING ONLY in to be featured in a major UK Television program with a national viewing average of 2.5 million people. This puppet needs to be your own and you need to be happy for it to be used for on screen purposes (this is for clearance purposes, we will require you to sign that you are happy for it to be shown) The puppet will not be used or operated, rather placed for dressing. We are happy to pay for the posting of the puppet and will only need it for approx 3 days. We will ship FEDEX, secure and fast. Josh Mayes


Wanted:  Need Doll

I am a new ventriloquist and need a cheap doll. I would like one with a thumb lever rather than a string. I am looking for a basic beginer doll for around 75-110 dollars. You will not be able to contact me with this email so you will have to just post another want add and put the title as Michael. Michael Akins


Wanted:  Ventriloquist Puppets/Dummies

Hi, we are looking for 3 ventriloquist puppets please. If you have some for sale, please email us with a description and price. Thank you! Penny Foster


Wanted:  Looking for a Danny O'Day

Hi there, my son wants a Danny o day dummy, the super deluxe upgraded one, his birthday is in 2 weeks, I have emailed throw things for Canadian shipping but have no heard from them in over a week!! I am in Alberta....any help would be appreciated! Thanks Pierrette Coombs


Wanted:  Hartz Head in a Box

Looking to buy a Hartz, "Head in a Box." Please contact me with pixs and price. Donald Woodford


Wanted:  Vent Figure

I am looking for a ventriloquist figure that is exstreamly reasonably priced as I'm on disability and get paid monthly. Plus I am just starting out. Prefere male figure. Not little boy. Rebecca Lynch


Wanted:  Puppet

I am looking for any used matt puppets. duck, dog, bear, or a young man puppet.Prices must be reasonable as I am on disability and only get paid once a month. you can contact me by email at  Rebecca Lynch


Wanted:  Seeking George Dudley lookalike Puppet

I am looking for a George Dudley look-alike puppet. I believe the original was made by Howard Olson, but am not sure. Willing to pay top dollar for a good George puppet. Please contact me. William Autrum 


Wanted: Howard Olson figures

Howard Olson figures. top dollar paid. Rick Burns



User Agreement

Ventriloquist Marketplace "Buy, Sell, Trade" page is only a listing service to allow anyone to offer, sell, buy, or trade ventriloquial items.  We are not involved in the actual transaction between buyers and sellers. We have no control over and do not guarantee the quality, safety or legality of items listed, the truth or accuracy of listings, the ability of sellers to sell items, the ability of buyers to pay for items, or that a buyer or seller will actually complete a transaction. 

By using this listing service, you are agreeing to these terms.