Have you ever watched Jeff Dunham, Jay Johnson, Terry Fator or Ronn Lucas
perform and ask yourself, ?How do they talk without moving their lips??

Would you like to astound and amaze your friends and family?

This could be you......


"They Laughed When I Picked Up
My Ventriloquist Figure And Said
I Knew  Ventriloquism,
But When The Dummy Started Talking!~"


Dear Future Ventriloquist,

Ventriloquism has always been a mysterious and fascinating art. Its SECRETS have been closely guarded with the result that its true art has not become common or easy to acquire. UNTIL NOW.

Ventriloquism is an illusion to the ears, much like magic is an illusion to the eyes. The magician fascinates us with their skills of deceiving our eyes to believe one thing, then something else happens and it's truly majestic.

A ventriloquist does something similar by deceiving the ear. They make you believe that the ventriloquist figure or puppet is actually talking. Plus they can make it sound as if a voice is coming from some other place by doing what is commonly known as ?throwing their voice.?


How can someone talk without moving their lips or make
sounds and noises seem to come from far away?

By learning the Art of Ventriloquism. To many the ?SECRETS? have remained a mystery but the truth is, anyone with a normal speaking voice can learn ventriloquism. Like anything else, once you know the secrets coupled with practice, you can be a ventriloquist.

Many adults and kids all over the country have learned the Art of Ventriloquism. They are now having fun and earning money with their newly acquired talent, by entertaining at Churches, Lodges, Clubs, special events and the ever widening field of opportunity for ventriloquists.

Ventriloquism has been around since the ancient times. It dates back to somewhere around the sixth century BC and was supposedly used to communicate with the dead. The belief was that the spirits of the dead went to the stomachs of the prophets and continued to exist there. The prophets were then able to foretell the future by the spirits who were speaking from their belly. Hence the name "ventriloquist". The latin meaning is ?ventri? meaning ?belly? and ?loqui? meaning ?to speak which is translated to means "belly speaker" or ?belly talker?. Of course, it was the prophets themselves who had learned the art of ventriloquism so they could fool their listeners and claim to have divine powers.

For a long time, ventriloquism was viewed negatively by the Christian church. Finally, though, it was looked upon as simply being a form of entertainment. Listening to the "voices from the belly" was no longer done. At the end of the nineteenth century, a comedian by the name of Fred Russell came up with an act which he performed with his "knee figure" (dummy) Joe Coster. Russell became known as the "father of modern ventriloquism."

Fred Russell & Coster Joe


Learn the "How to Be a Ventriloquist"

Now YOU can learn the Art of Ventriloquism with this truly remarkable new course, ?How To Be a Ventriloquist? Learn the Art of Ventriloquism and How To Throw Your Voice. This course combines the secrets of the past by one of the great ventriloquist with current thoughts and ideas of modern day ventriloquists.


We were able to acquire information from one of the great ventriloquists of their time, teaching the Art of Ventriloquism.

We took this information and used this as the basis for our course, ?How To Be a Ventriloquist? Learn the Art of Ventriloquism and How To Throw Your VoiceThen we added other material submitted by working profession ventriloquists with their thoughts and views in order to help beginners understand the many aspects about the Art of Ventriloquism. In doing this we've created a complete basic course for learning the Art of Ventriloquism.

So, what will you learn in this course?

  • Directional location of sound.

  • Quality of voice needed.

  • How the ear detects sound direction.

  • Basic lip and jaw control

  • Simple letters

  • Substitute sounds

  • Actions of the ventriloquist

  • Psychological factors needed

  • Distant Ventriloquism - How to throw your voice

  • Synchronization with your partner

  • Manipulation of your partner

  • Resources for figures & puppets

  • Plus More...


And...These Added Bonuses!!!


PLUS....as added BONUSES, you'll also receive 3 Practice Routines and 2 old time radio shows ? a Peter Brough with Archie Andrews radio show and an Edgar Bergen with Charley McCarthy radio show...both from the early days of radio (these BONUSES valued at $25).

As a VERY SPECIAL BONUS, we'll include an interview we did with "Doc" Neller who was Bob Neller's younger brother.  In this interview you get some real insight to the one of the technically gifted ventriloquists of all time, Bob Neller.

There are other courses on the market that range anywhere from $20 up to $100. But you can get the entire ?How To Be a Ventriloquist? Learn the Art of Ventriloquism and How To Throw Your Voicecourse which consists of an ebook and 94 minutes of instructions in an audio recording, PLUS the BONUSES (the 3 Practice Routines, 2 radio shows and "Doc" Neller interview)....
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"I've been listening to it and there are some things on it I've not heard from any other source. Anyone who wants to know some true secrets will probably want to consider getting this one."
David Thrasher


Now you may be asking yourself, ?Why not charge more?? And you know what, with all the information that are getting with this course, we could charge more, but here's why we didn't.

You see, at Ventriloquist Central, we want to promote the Art of Ventriloquism. The more people that know about ventriloquism and get involved, the better. If we charged a higher price for this course, some would not invest in it. We didn't want that. We want to encourage as many people as possible to to learn how to become a ventriloquist. So, by keeping the price low, we feel we can do just that.

And there's another reason. Those of you that are already ventriloquists may feel that you don't need to invest in a ventriloquism course. However, many of you have never heard some of these instructions on how to do ventriloquism and how to do Distant Ventriloquism (better known as "throwing your voice"). These  methods are truly remarkable. By keeping the price low, maybe some of you will want to invest in this course to hear these methods.

So, to recap you get.....You're getting the ?How To Be a Ventriloquist? Learn the Art of Ventriloquism and How To Throw Your Voice course....an ebook and audio recording (94 minutes of instructions), the BONUSES...3 Practice Routines, Peter Brough radio show, Edgar Bergen radio show and "Doc" Neller interview.....all this for only $29.95 (plus $6.95 shipping & handling FREE SHIPPING).

What do you really have to lose? You will not find this much information about the Art of Ventriloquism for this small amount anywhere.

Order now, so you'll be on your way to learning the Art of Ventriloquism. The sooner you order, the sooner you'll be on your way to becoming a ventriloquist.



Steve Hurst
Ventriloquist Central

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