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VENTRILOQUIST - Retirement Sale



 Fred Anderson

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I am Ventriloquist Fred Anderson, now retired and no longer entertaining. After much consideration, I have decided to sell all of my remaining characters and props in one lot.

Consisting of, my Craig Lovik figure, a full size 39” tall figure with side to side eyes; left and right eye winkers, blinkers; slotted mouth; moving eyebrows; wiggling ears; and a hand-shaker. Comes complete with size 4 play clothes and sneakers; a full tuxedo with black shoes, shirt and bow tie. Includes the police uniform that he wore on ‘Corner Gas’. He also has a second body that is great for quick costume changes during a performance. It is presently dressed in his custom made WW2 army uniform. Both come in appropriate carrying cases. The head and hands have always been covered with protective padding. The original wig has been replaced with a human hair wig and easy to maintain.

My MAT old man figure was originally designed as a Scottish figure wearing a Royal Stewart tartan kilt with leather sporran. I have removed the kilt and sporran and added dress pants. The kilt and sporran are included in case the buyer wants to convert him back to a Scot.

This lot of items also includes a full size Axtell Drawing board as demonstrated here by Steve Axtell.  Complete with pens, eraser cloth, instructions, and carrying bag.

Another item that brings lots of laughs is my version of the 'genie in the bottle' concept. This plastic decanter is 11" to the top of the rim without the cap. I used the 'distant voice' with this one, coaxing Johnny in the bottle to hang onto the rope. Comes complete with rope and rubber ball to complete the effect.

Around Halloween, this is a fun effect. The mouth is opened by a string at the back of the neck, and the eyes glow in different colors. (battery operated).

To round out this offering, I will transfer both of my domain names to the buyer, ie: and

For further information, I may be contacted at or 306-737-9211. The price for everything plus actual shipping to Canada or U.S. ONLY is $1,750.00 U.S. PayPal preferred.

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