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Vintage Ventriloquist Dummy, Hand-carved in 1981 by Maher Studios



Matt Kimbro

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$795.00 shipped

Today Iím proud to offer a vintage, mint-condition, hand-carved basswood dummy (yes dummy, not "figure") produced by Maher Studios in 1981. If you look at the photo of the macro shot I took inside the head you will see it says Custom Rush Order, and it gives a date of December 1981 with the initials BL (Brian Lovik). The mechanics look fantastic as well for being 29 years old and all-original. Brian Lovik designed these mechanics to last a lifetime!

This figure is simply an exceptional example of an early 80's Maher basswood figure. To give you a bit more history, Craig Lovik actually designed these wonderful figures and the basswood versions of his characters were duplicarved and pieced together like a puzzle. This was an extremely labor intensive process. The heads were "roughed" on a duplicarver (a technique used by the grandmaster of basswood, Frank Marshall himself!) - and then all finished carving, sanding, customization was done by hand. As noted inside the head, this character was "custom" meaning the customer wanted something different done in the carving from the original. He is truly a one of a kind, almost 30 year old, carved figure. Is that collectible or what? If you look inside the mechanics photo you can see that they had their production really down to a science.

This character features side to side eyes, moving mouth, and a great handshaker. The body is actually an extremely solid casting, made of the same stuff Selberg uses. Extremely better than the rubber that Lovik cast his earlier bodies in. This stuff is SOLID! The hands are those wonderful "shrunken" McElroy Brothers hands that Lovik and Jackson used for many, many years. I specifically like that he used some weird, plaid design to sew the legs out of. How cool is that? And yes, the head, hands, body, arms, and legs are ALL ORIGINAL and virtually mint condition. The ONLY thing I changed on this figure is putting a new Lovik style wig on him. I lucked out and found one that replicates those original 70's style wigs that Lovik used on his figures and can be seen in many of the original catalogs.

From head to toe this figure is a full 40". He has a nice sized basswood head! Here is a great video of the dynamic ventriloquial duo of Vince and George. George is a figure virtually identical to this gem I'm offering for sale today, except he has the added movements of winkers and eyebrows. Please check out this youtube link and check out how hilarious a character like this can be if used correctly!

This wonderful piece of ventriloquial history is suited to simply look fabulous sitting in a collection, or earning you a paycheck on stage. I'm partial to these early Maher figures! Please bid fast - because basswood figures, from this era, in THIS condition, as THIS LOW PRICE do NOT come up often! Please email  with any offers/questions. This low price includes INSURED SHIPPING!










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