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Cute & Mischievous Ventriloquist Figure



Steve Hurst

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Usually the figures I build are for private clients.  This is the first figure that I have offered to the public.  Here’s your chance to get this little guy that has possibilities. This guy can be a cute loveable character while at the same time being a little mischievous.  When you bring this little guy out and start performing, your audience will love him.

He’s brand new....38 inches tall…the head is made of strong polyurethane.  He has moving mouth and self-centering moving eyes. The mechanics are all brass, no strings, quiet and operate smoothly. And they should be….this figure was built by me and I was trained by one of the best, Ray Guyll.

SPECIAL NOTE: This figure was built entirely by me. It was taken from a mold that Ray Guyll created many years ago (with his permission of course), but the casting, actual building of this spectacular figure, was done by me. In fact, I changed the casting so that it is slightly different than the figures that Ray produced.

This guy is lightweight, so if you want to do walkarounds, it won’t be a strain like a bigger figure. Once you grab the headstick and start playing with the controls, you’ll love the smooth and quiet operation. Some figures you hear all kinds of noise when operating them, not this guy.

If cared for correctly, this guy will last you a lifetime. And, for your peace of mind, if after you purchase him and you have some kind of problem with the mechanics, I’ll be happy to fix it for free as long as you own him. That’s my guarantee to you.













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