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Custom Made Charlie McCarthy Ventriloquist Figure



 Chris Alan

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This Charlie is a very special edition, outfitted in his classic morning suit with ascot and spats. I have never seen another offered online in this wardrobe. I am so happy and proud to be offering this gorgeous, museum-quality Charlie McCarthy ventriloquist figure. I created this figure as an art piece. Although he is a functional figure, with head stick made of poplar wood, with a wood trigger control to operate the mouth, I designed him to be displayed, as I believe Edgar Bergen should be the only person to perform with Charlie.

All measurements are exact to an original Charlie. I was able to use casts of original heads for reference and acquired an original leg (two pieces... a thigh piece and a knee-down piece) from a Disney Studios auction in 1997, which I made a mold of and recreated. I also sculpted a second, mirror image for the other leg, perfectly mirroring the original. I attached the thigh to the lower half of his leg with screws and very heavy elastic, which allows his legs to be positioned in more ways. I studied countless pictures of Charlie hands, from every resource I could find, including visiting the Smithsonian Charlie countless times. No hand detail was overlooked when sculpting the hands for this Charlie... down to the cuticles.

Charlie's paint was perfectly matched to the color of the original leg I mentioned previously. I was also able to perfectly reproduce the texture of his skin, after experimenting with numerous additives to the paint that were believed to be what was added to Charlie's paint in the past.

Charlie's hair is simply stunning. He is wearing a custom-made, human hair wig, perfect in color and texture. Every strand of hair is hand-knotted and takes 6-8 weeks to make.

His wardrobe is gorgeous. Charlie is suited in a morning suit jacket with tails and peak lapels. His pants are grey wool, wide legged pinstriped pants with pleats, which were typical of the 30's and 40's. Charlie's vest and spates were custom-made as well. His vest is a dove grey suiting fabric, double-breasted, with six buttons, just like the original that Charlie actually wore. His spats are made of pale, silver-grey wool felt with absolutely gorgeous black leather shoes that are vintage 1940's shoes, which have never been worn, exactly like the shoes Charlie wore. His collar is a high, detachable, hard collar, just like the original Charlie wore. His hat is a 100% wool top hat that fits his head perfectly and is truly stunning. He is also wearing black dress socks and, of course, his monocle, which is affixed to his head with wire that goes through tiny holes behind the monocle, which is how the original Charlies monocles were affixed.

Charlie's eyes are made from wooden spheres with beautiful brown glass irises inset, just as the original eyes were made. The company that makes my irises has been in business, making gorgeous eyes for over 100 years.

Charlie sits independently. As you can see in the pics, I have him sitting on a pedestal, which is how the Smithsonian displays their Charlie. His body is made of poplar and pine, then upholstered in foam and quilted fabric. He has a wide body, with slanted shoulders, like the original Charlies. He weighs approximately 13 pounds. He also has a spring-loaded head lock, to secure his head to his body, for safety.

The Charlie I reproduced was a labor of love. I have been a fan of Charlie since I was a child, after discovering him on The Muppet Show. Soon after, Edgar Bergen passed away and one of his Charlies was donated to the Smithsonian, where I would visit him annually. As an adult, I wanted a reproduction, but could not find one that I was happy with. I was quoted $7000 to have one made, not including his clothing and another one I found, which I wasn't very impressed with was $5000 and it was non-functional, so I decided to create one myself. I believe mine to be a better, more accurate figure and am thrilled to be able to offer him at a much lower price.

Within my pics, I have included a scan of the certificate Disney sent with the Bergen leg so you can see that mine is indeed authentic.

My figures have been featured on National TV, including three times on AC 360, Anderson Cooper's CNN show, four times on LIVE with Kelly and Michael, Late Night with Seth Meyers, Watch What Happens Live, etc... all within the last 12 months! Diane Von Furstenberg even created a custom wrap dress for a figure that was created as a gift for Kelly Ripa, from Anderson Cooper.

Shipping for Charlie will run $140, which includes full insurance and professional packaging. The $140 does not cover the full costs, but I believe it to be fair.















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