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Four Adorable Little Kid Puppets



Rick Berger

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Here are four little kid puppets for a little price. They're really great for shows for small children. For those who do shows in nursery and day care centers these are perfect. They're soft, cuddly, non-threatening and certainly not scary. They're all unused. Each puppet is only $10.00! Buy all four for $35.00!

Shipping cost to be determined by location.
Pay by bank check, money order or PayPal.

Snuffy is flexible, easy to manipulate and can be as silly as you want him to be. Have him tell a nursery rhyme, sing Happy Birthday, or whatever.
The kids'll love him! He's 22" tall and fits easily onto your hand. You can squoosh his face up and make him look even sillier.

Lambchop is the Shari Lewis classic that we all still love. She's 16" tall and loves to perform. Put her hands over her eyes and she
becomes shy. Adult audiences love to remember her on the Ed Sullivan show. She tells grownup audiences her mom's name is Legga…Legga Lamb (sorry.) Lambchop is truly a classic.

Little Grandma is a half-size hand puppet. She's 15" tall and is cute as a little grandma can be. Kids'll sing along with her
or just enjoy the funny stories she tells.

Maury the Mouse is a great character for really little kids. He's soft and cuddly. Nursery school children will want to pet him. He makes
small kids feel warm and comfy. He measures 18" from head to toe and has a 22" tail!














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