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Spencer Figure Perhaps the Best Condition you will ever see



Dan Willinger

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It always hurts me when I have to part with a figure and it is especially true for this particular figure because as you will see from the pictures this is what is called NOS ( New Old Stock ) and that is almost impossible to find with vintage ventriloquist figures.

This is a Ken Spencer figure which was purchased as a back up figure and then put away and never used. It sat in storage for decades until I acquired him. I vowed I would not sell him but because of some very expensive purchases for the Ventriloquist Central Collection I must let him go. It is as if you just came home from Ken Spencer's shop with a new pal.

This Spencer has slot jaw, side to side moving eyes and ball and socket neck for complete head rotation. He is 40" tall and his wig is attached only at the back so that with a quick movement of the head the wig flips up. This was made for the owner this way. The cloths are as he was dressed when I unpacked him. He has a special wiring inside his body which makes his bow tie light up. The leather under his chin is perfect and supple and the original paint is in amazing condition.

Although he is not inexpensive I feel that this price I am asking for such a pristine original Ken Spencer hand carved figure is a bargain.

Now in respects to pricing on this Spencer figure you must remember that today, if you were to have Selberg or Gilmer or even Guyll hand carve a ventriloquist figure from basswood, you are going to pay upwards of $3000.00 so you are purchasing this carved wood Spencer for the price of a cast figure on today's pro figure market. It really is a bargain !!














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