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Sorry, Sold Out!!!

Dear Ventriloquism Enthusiast,

If you love the art of ventriloquism and want the next greatest information source dealing with the subject of dummies and ventriloquism, then this is the most important webpage you’ll read.

As you read every word of this webpage, I’m going to tell you about a wonderful source of information that is truly fantastic, Greg Claassen’s "McElroy Magic, Building A Replica". In fact, right at this very moment you may be saying to yourself, “I’m not interested in a book about dummy building”. Don’t fret...keep reading and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Everything you may have already heard
about Greg Claassen’s project,
“McElroy Magic Building A Replica”,
is only partially true.


“McElroy Magic” is so much MORE than a book about building a McElroy replica. It goes far beyond that.

As you know, I am an avid collector of hard figures as well as a ventriloquism enthusiast. I have an extensive collection of figures, only a small portion of my collection is on the Ventriloquist Central web site.

Let me tell you a story.

Awhile back, Greg Claassen contacted me. He said he was working on a project about the McElroy Brothers and how to build a McElroy replica.

Since I own a few McElroy’s and have knowledge about the brothers, he asked if I had any pictures or information that I could offer for his project.

I offered to help him in any way I could and proceeded to ask him questions about his project. You see, Greg has built six replica figures.  If you’ve seen some of his replica figures, you know they are among the very best.

Greg Claassen

Sorry, Sold Out!!!

Greg was telling me the history of the McElroy Brothers, how this project came to be, about his correspondence with George McElroy, and all the information he had come across. 

The more he went on, the more I was enthralled by his story. I was getting more and more fascinated by the moment. I told him when this project is finished I have to have a copy.

Well folks, the time has arrived.

I’m here to tell you it's finally ready and this is more than a “how to” guide. This project is truly a work of art. It’s actually like getting four pieces of work all rolled up into one. It contains:

  1. A historical perspective of the McElroy Brothers and how they did things.
  2. The personal story of trials and tribulations that Greg went through.
  3. A photography book, loaded with all kinds of photos that give you a pictorial account of Greg’s journey (including rarely seen pictures of Glenn & George).
  4. AND…last but certainly not least, it’s an extensive “How To Guide” with detailed drawings and pictures for building and assembly of a McElroy Replica. You even get the “McElroy Way” scattered throughout the book telling you how the McElroy did certain things to achieve these magnificent ventriloquist figures.

So you see….this “Information Resource Manual” is so much more than a “how to” book. "McElroy Magic" has 120 pages with such things as:

  • Little know historical facts and accounts about the McElroy Brothers
  • A copy of an actual letter from George McElroy to Greg Claassen.
  • Some sound advice from dummy maker Patrick Justian.
  • Unique design of the McElroy style head and cradle assembly
  • What Clinton Detweiler had to say about Greg’s first McElroy purchase.
  • An important lesson about the “settings” of a dummy’s eyes
  • The story behind Greg’s first McElroy (it was a surprised purchase)
  • A copy of Glenn McElroy’s drawing of his eye design
  • The interesting design for the McElroy style case
  • Information about setting up the perfect shop
  • Many pictures from David Erskine, Dennis Alwood, Bob Isaacson, yours truly and others.
  • The McElroy Way of doing things.






"McElroy Magic! is like sitting with George and Glenn at the Saturday night show at the Drawbridge after visiting Vent Haven with them. And now you're sitting with us. Yes, the common bond is our enthusiasm for their art. I thank you for getting it onto paper and into my imagination. I will dream about McElroy Magic!.

If I had a hat I would take it off to you!

Thanks again for the adventure,”

--David Erskine

Sorry, Sold Out!!!






"Must say you do beautiful work and the book is exceptional! Great diagrams and photos and a pleasure to read. Easily worth the price!"

--Gary Koepke


I have received this incredible guide to building a McELROY replica.  The book is not only a step-by-step guide , but also contains many color images of , not only the six replicas, but other McELROY figures as well. Plus it's a personal journey of discovery, and Greg's own personal misgivings about ever attempting to build a replica of the wonderful AUTOMATA that have become George and Glenn's lasting, living legacy.


I highly recommend this guide to everyone, whether you ever attempt to build a McELROY figure or not.

--Bill Nelson



I just received my newly revised McElroy book by Greg Claassen and I must say that this book is even better than Greg's initial product.  All of the same great information, but even MORE new  photos - quite a few of which I've never seen.  GREAT STUFF! So, selfishly I'm glad the new edit had to be done, because it is WELL WORTH IT!

For any potential customers, do NOT hesitate to snag your copy. You will not regret it.

--Matt Kimbro



Trying to tell you everything about this incredible informational source...
 would take an entire book all it’s own.


As I’ve said you get 120 pages filled with useful information, 106 high quality pictures, PLUS, 104 drawings.

“McElroy Magic” is an informational resource guide and if you were to purchase this as a course or textbook it would cost you hundreds of dollars. The investment in Greg’s information resource guide, “McElroy Magic” is
only $99.


...when you order Greg’s book through Ventriloquist Central
you also get

  • An audio interview on CD with Greg Claassen and me, Dan Willinger (a $29.95 value). In this audio interview we talk about the McElroy history, the known McElroy dummies, some insider information plus so much more. This CD audio interview would go great in anyone’s ventriloquism collection.  Listen to some sample clips:

    (Please be patient, depending on your Internet connection speed, it will take a few moments to download)


  • A McElroy Picture CD with 108 pictures of my McElroy’s, including before and after pictures of “Happy”. A lot of these pictures are not on the Ventriloquist Central website and a few are not even on the Ventriloquist Central Website Picture CD set. (Valued at $19.95)


So let’s recap….you are getting Greg Claassen’s “McElroy Magic”, with all it’s wonderful information, high quality pictures, historical accounts, plus the “how to guide, next the CD with the audio interview of Greg and myself plus the McElroy Picture CD ...$148.90 value and you can get all this for only $99 (a savings of $49.90).


This is a great offer to own what will surely
become a piece of Ventriloquism History.

You don’t want to wait, because we only have a limited quantity of the audio CD interviews. So get yours now.

To get your copy of the McElroy Magic AND the Bonus Audio Interview on CD and McElroy Picture CD, click the order here button below. It’s that easy.




Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Sorry, Sold Out!!!



Dan Willinger
Ventriloquism Enthusiast & Collector

P.S. Remember, you are getting Greg’s "McElroy Magic", the BONUS Audio Interview CD and the McElroy Picture CD, PLUS if you are one of the first 10 to order….you get the Complete Ventriloquist Central Picture CD set, also! Don’t wait or you might just miss out on these great BONUSES.

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