Have you every wanted a Frank Marshall Dummy but could never find one OR after you found one could not afford it?


Are you like a lot of ventriloquists that grew up with
Paul Winchell or Jimmy Nelson and wished you had a
Frank Marshall dummy to perform with?

Do you love Jerry Mahoney and therefore want a Nosey Marshall for your own?



"Who Else Wants To Own An EXACT Frank Marshall Replica Ventriloquist Dummy?"



Then, I have the solution for you....

This Frank Marshall Replica
could be YOURS!!!


Please Read the Following....


An Open Letter To You...

From the desk of Dan Willinger
Malden, MA


Dear Frank Marshall Figure Lover:

Frank Marshall was one of the best (if not the best) ventriloquist figure builder.  Even though Frank Marshall was a  prolific dummy builder, it's still hard for the average ventriloquist to acquire one. And the truth of the matter is...if you DID find one, you'd pay thousands of dollars to purchase it.

Wouldn't it be great if you could find a Frank Marshall dummy that you could afford, use to perform with and not worry about how old it is? Then please keep reading.

A Little Information About Me

Hi, I'm Dan Willinger and most of you know that I collect ventriloquist dummies...one of the largest privately owned collection. And, you should know by now that my favorite builder was Frank Marshall. In fact, I have more Marshall dummies than any other in my collection (they make up almost half of my collection).

There's something about a Marshall figure that grabs us. I've talked with many ventriloquists that would love to own a Frank Marshall figure, would also love to perform with one, but would be afraid because of it being such a collectible item.

As you all know I have been a collector of antiques and the fact is that sometimes you are just not able to find that "Holy Grail" so to complete your collection a replica is the only alternative.

There have been replicas made for just about every antique out there...  Tiffany Lamps , E. Howard & Co clocks, fine antique bronzes like the famous Frederick Remington's and even Rolex Watches. This fills the void when the original can't be found or affordable.

The Frank Marshall ventriloquist figure fits into this category. Every Marshall lover wants to own a NOSEY but they are extremely rare and in most cases just to expensive.

Frank Marshall and the Nosey Figures

We all know the history of Frank Marshall. He lived next door to “The Great Lester” who in turned introduced him to the Theodore Mack. There, Frank started carving ventriloquist figures for Theodore.

Eventually, he went out on his own and became the prolific builder we know about today. He created so many wonderful characters that came alive when ventriloquists picked them up. One of his most popular figures was the “Nosey”. Here is a quote from Frank's catalog:

“Nosey – A smart effect character that will 'click' with any audience. Complete with movable mouth, turning head, wig and costumed in blue serge suit as illustrated.”

As you probably know.....the original Jerry Mahoney that Paul Winchell used was a Nosey figure.

Now YOU Can Own Your VERY Own
Frank Marshall Nosey REPLICA

You read that right. Now is your opportunity to own your very own Marshall Nosey Replica....as close to a Marshall as you will EVER find.

"I am now pleased to be able to solve that problem for you by offering here what I believe to be the closest Frank Marshall Nosey replica ever made and done to Frank's exacting specifications."

Ventriloquist Central has produced a Limited Edition Frank Marshall Nosey style figure like no other. We have spent months working out the details of these figures so they would be as close to a Marshall design as possible.



The head, hands and feet are fiberglass. We worked with a paint expert to get the perfect "Marshall orange" flesh tone and added that little something (top secret) to the paint to achieve the Marshall finish. We found a company that could supply the deep brown glass eye inserts for the wood eyeballs.





The body is an exact duplicate of Marshall with shaped shoulder board and spine for the ribs, as well as the lower legs and hands. The body fabric is old quilting like Marshall used. Marshall's card is inside the head and inside the body… marked with its number (only six of these have been made). He really has the Marshall touch with the wig trimming and styling













The eyes are side to side self centering and slot jaw mouth. Controls and head stick are exact to Frank Marshall including his signature chopstick lever. The figure is a full 40" tall. If Frank were alive today... this is what he would be building.













Limited Edition

Two three four five of these figures have already been sold. The first one was bought…sight unseen.

If you wanted to purchase an original Nosey figure...first you would have to find one for sale. Then once you found it....it may be thousands of dollars.


These figures that we have produced
could go for over $2500.00.
However, your investment is only

$1495.00 (plus s&h). 




If You Snooze.....You LOSE!!!

It's first come first served for the these figures. Only four three two one is left. If you are the least bit interested…..you need to let me know ASAP. Here’s your chance to own as close to a Marshall as you might ever get.











The suit you see above is separate. We had these hand made by a pattern taken from an actual Marshall style suit from the early 50’s….so these are truly as authentic as you will ever get. If you want the suit, it’s $199.00 extra.

The Time to Act is NOW!!!!

If you are interested in this spectacular Limited Edition Frank Marshall Nosey style figure, then send me an email ASAP.  Send an email to:



In the subject line put:  Frank Marshall Nosey


As I stated above....it's "first come, first served" so don't think about it too long or you may end up regretting your decision to wait. 

Don’t regret your decision….

...if you are the least bit interested….contact me immediately.

So send your email to:  dan@ventriloquistcentral.com 

As this open letter ends, think about the value of owning this wonderful Limited Edition Frank Marshall Nosey style figure and what your fellow ventriloquists would say to you when you show him off.

Remember the clock is ticking........



Dan Willinger


P.S.  Don't let procrastination, hesitation or fear stop you from owning one of these replica figures.  Don’t regret your decision….if you are the least bit interested….contact me immediately.